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Results of the First Day of Forum Engineering Technologies 2014

The Forum Business Program was launched with 5,800 attendees

The first day of Forum “Engineering Technologies 2014” saw a number of conferences and round tables, as well as signing of cooperation agreements. The rainy weather did not impede training activities ahead of “Invincible and Legendary” military patriotic show.

Key Discussion Topics

Representatives of federal executive agencies of the Russian Federation, participants of various events held as part of the Business Program of Forum “Engineering Technologies 2014”, exponents of Oboronexpo and other attendees of this major event are actively discussing issues relating to performance of mutual obligations under international contracts, as well as import substitution topics. Forum Organizers have anticipated a topic of interest for the majority of representatives of enterprises and institutions of military-industrial complex and engineering sector; therefore, plenary session “Cooperation and/or Import Substitution” to be held on August 14 will become a focal point of the Forum Business Program.

However, top managers of Russian enterprises pointed out that Russian machine builders are ready to settle matters of import substitution in full scope. They also reiterate that sanctions imposed on Russia by governments of a number of countries had not dramatically affected the volume of national export of weapons and military equipment. Moreover, cooperation with traditional partners, such as Belarus enterprises, is only gaining momentum in the situation of current threats, and prospects of entering into a mutually beneficial cooperation with other countries, for example United Arab Emirates, are opened.

Business Program

The Joint Session of the Public Council under the Ministry of Trade of the Russian Federation, Public Council under Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) and the Public Council under the Federal Service for the Supervision of Environment, Technology and Nuclear Management (Rostekhnadzor) was held during the first day of the Forum at which the issues of strengthening the role of standardization in establishing mandatory requirements in the Russian Federation laws and developing technologies in mechanical engineering were discussed.

Participants of the event discussed federal bill “On Standardization in the Russian Federation”. Reports on applied issues, such as the role of metrology in establishing technical regulations, objectives of standardization in power industry, development of environmental safety standards in engineering, were delivered. The report of the representative of All-Russia Research and Scientific Center for Standardization, Information, and Certification of Raw Products, Materials and Substances was devoted to a topical issue of compiling a reference book on the Best Available Technology (BAT). It should be reminded that discussion of an issue of development of a standard for elaborating a uniform structure of BAT reference books is currently under way. In experts’ opinion, compiling such reference books will become an efficient tool of reduction of an adverse environmental impact due to introduction of state-of-the-art resource saving technologies.

Five round tables were held on August 13.

Representatives of over 30 engineering companies, as well as software engineers gathered at “Digital Production” round table arranged by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and Russian Helicopters. Mikhail Rybakov, Production Director of JSC Russian Helicopters, in his opening speech draw attention of the audience to the fact that implementation of all the aspects of the digital production policy allows settling issues of manufacturing cycle optimization, ensuring prompt plan implementation, technological flexibility and high product quality. “Russian Helicopters’ digital production policy aimed at enhancement of business efficiency and performance on account of introduction of digital technologies in design processes, process engineering, products manufacture and their maintenance during operation”, he said.

Round table “Quality of Engineering Education is the Basis for Technology Upgrading in Russia” brought together over 70 attendees. Arseny Brykin, its moderator and Deputy Director General for Strategic Development and Implementation of State Programs of JSC Ruselectronics, pointed out the importance of the issue of staff training and shortage of competent teachers. In his opinion, it is high time to make decisions on improvement of the current vocational education.

Representatives of the industry provided their vision of actual measures for enhancement of quality of engineering education and shared their experience. Maxim Kuziuk, Director General of OJSC Aviation Equipment, came up with a number of proposals, including engagement of practicing experts in teaching engineering students, raising requirements to Uniform State Exam grades on exact sciences when entering into higher educational institutions, and putting economics on the list of mandatory subjects for study by future engineers. M. Kuziuk also told the audience about the holding’s approach to training of skilled workforce using as an example the implementation of the program of the High School of Systems Engineering on the premises of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Round table “Science and Technology Needs of the Russian Gas Turbine Engine Building”, arranged by Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and United Engine Corporation, was intended to facilitate a dialogue between enterprises of engine building industry and scientific community. According to Dmitry Kolodyazhny, Deputy Director General for Quality and Innovations Development of OJSC UEC, event participants had an opportunity to discuss feasible programs for new technologies development and creation of science and technology backlog so that scientific institutions could adjust their activities performing research and development work in the most prospective and much-in-demand areas.

Round table “Comprehensive Re-Equipment of Engineering Enterprises” was arranged by Stankoprom OJSC, Expert Council for Development of the Technological Base of the Russian Mechanical Engineering and Machine Building under the State Duma Committee on Industry, Russian Engineering Union, Stankoinstrument Association, MSTU STANKIN. Attendees discussed modern and prospective approaches to engineering in the machine-tool industry, and brought the issue of technological audit at defense enterprises to the attention of the audience.

Round table “Critical Infrastructure Security” aroused keen interest of the audience. Over 60 experts discussed issues of improvement of the legal framework for critical infrastructure facilities and arrangement of their security monitoring. Besides, issues of evaluation of compliance of critical infrastructure facilities and their equipment with modern and prospective security requirements were discussed.

Agreement Signing

Forum “Engineering Technologies 2014” is a platform for entering into mutually beneficial contracts in various spheres of engineering activities. Banking institutions have signed five documents during the first day of the Forum.

Novikombank is a traditional partner of International Forum “Engineering Technologies”. The Bank’s status of the Forum’s strategic partner shows the bank’s intention to assist in every possible way in development of the Russia’s new innovative economy. In the course of Forum “Engineering Technologies 2014” the bank has signed a cooperation agreement with MZOR, a management and flagship company of Belstankoinstrument, machine-tool holding of the Republic of Belarus. The Bank will act as a financial partner and adviser of the companies of the holding, and shall render assistance in settling key strategic issues of technical re-equipment, upgrading of existing and creation of new production facilitates.

Besides, the bank has signed a strategic partnership agreement with STAN Group. The document aims at setting out the best financial conditions for the implementation of the holding’s modern machine-building projects, as well as projects for introduction of new production processes. The agreement also provides for delivery to holding’s enterprises of the whole range of the Bank’s high-tech products, including cash management services, lending, financing of programs for production upgrading, development of financial management systems and other services.

VTB Bank has signed a strategic partnership agreement with JSC Radar-MMS Research and Development Enterprise. The document specifies the main principals of cooperation between the parties so that they could meet the enterprises’ demand for financial products and services. Besides, the Bank has signed an agreement with JSC Concern Morinformsystem-Agat, which also specifies the main principals and tools of the banks’ efficient cooperation with all the concern’s enterprises.

VTB Bank also acted as a primary sponsor of the Business Program of Forum “Engineering Technologies 2014”. The bank’s delegation was headed by Valery Lukyanenko, member of the Management Board of VTB Bank.

Eventually, the Moscow Bank of Sberbank of Russia and JSC United Instrument Corporation have signed a cooperation agreement providing for establishing of uniform approaches to provision of financial services to the Corporation and its affiliates.

First Day Statistics

The first day of Forum “Engineering Technologies 2014” saw 5,800 attendees: speakers, Business Program delegates, exponents and business visitors. 1,550 law enforcement officers were engaged to ensure public order during the Forum, and 300 officers of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate ensured traffic safety.

Despite the rainy weather, all the Forum’s directorate services worked in the normal way. Besides, a regular training of participants of “Invincible and Legendary” military patriotic show has gone smoothly.

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