With the support of The Military-Industrial Commission under the Government of the Russian Federation

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Aviasalon JSC is the official Organizer of Forum 2014

For the purpose of comprehensive organizational, technical, information, advertising and other support of the preparation and holding of The Third International Forum “Engineering Technologies 2014” (Forum 2014) to be held from August 13 through August 17 of 2014 in Zhukovsky of the Moscow Region at the exhibition venue of Transport and Exhibition Complex Russia and in pursuance of Agreement No. 05-13/03 of December 26, 2013, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation appointed Aviasalon JSC the sole official Organizer of Forum 2014.

The exhibition section of Forum 2014 will be represented by The International Expo and Forum Weapons Technologies and Innovations “Oboronexpo 2014” (Exhibition “Oboronexpo 2014”).

Forum 2014 is a platform for a dialogue built around specific areas and for constructive proposals regarding prospective stage-by-stage development of the Russian military industrial complex and ways of attracting investments that would ensure support and strengthening of its research and technical potential serving the purposes of protection of Russia’s interests and enhancement of its defense capacity.

The main objective of Exhibition “Oboronexpo 2014” is to showcase the latest achievements of the companies of the military industrial complex in such areas as missiles and artillery, armored and military vehicles, unmanned multipurpose complexes, and communication systems.

The Exhibition and Forum will be attended by representatives of government agencies, business community, industrial companies, financial institutions, and research organizations, as well as senior government officials both of Russia and other countries.

For further information please contact:

  • for participation in the exhibition and demonstration program – V. Stupitsky Tel.+7 (495)- 787-6651
  • for information partnership – O. Bobrovskaya Tel.+7 (495)- 989-2665
  • for sponsorship – E. Vnukova Tel.+7 (495)- 989-2665

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Zhukovsky office:
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