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Samara Bearing Plant OJSC at the Forum ET 2012

Samara Bearing Plant OJSC (SPZ-GROUP) is planning to demonstrate for the guests and participants of the Forum “Engineering Technologies” unique high-precision bearings designed for application in the military and industrial complex and other strategic sectors of the Russian Federation.

Guests of the exposition of SPZ-GROUP will receive advertising materials (brochures, catalogs, and presentations) and view video clips with exhaustive information about the enterprise and its possibilities.

“Samara Bearing Plant strives to achieve the highest quality from its products and with the help of the R&D center is implementing technical policies aimed at enhancing the design of its bearings, implementation of new processes and technologies, adoption of the expertise and achievements of modern science”, states the press service of the enterprise.
Bearings manufactured by Samara Bearing Plant are used in various domestic units, such as reduction gearboxes of helicopters, aircraft undercarriages, as well as in tank building.

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