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UAC will present Innovative Projects at the Forum

The United Aircraft Corporation is planning to present at the Forum “Engineering Technologies 2012” its methods of development and application of innovative technologies for creating advanced aircraft. As part of its exposition, the corporation will present models of aircraft SSJ100 and МS-21 on a scale 1:10, and the concept of the improved pilot cabin of aircraft MS-21.

UAC, JSC will also have a display stand with the breadboard model of the plant “KAPA-Kompozit”, CJSC on a 1:120 scale. The plant with an area of 33,000 sq m will be built in Kazan in the territory of the Kazan Aviation Production Association named after S.P.Gorbunov. The purpose of its construction is to organize in Russia a high-tech production of units from composite materials that will meet the world’s best standards. The plant will be able to create 150-500 jobs in the high-tech industrial sector in Kazan.

KAPA-Kompozit, CJSC was established in August of 2011 by the Government of Tatarstan, Austrian company FACC AG, United Aircraft Corporation, CJS, and AeroKompozit, CJSC. Today, reconstruction of the existing facility and construction of a new building are under way. Production launch and pilot run of units are set for late 2012 – early 2012. The company is planning to reach full capacity in 2016-2017, with revenues approaching $200 million.

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